1. May Allah bless your way with light, strengthen,

your faith and bring joy to your heart as you,

praise and server today, tomorrow and always.







2. One who offers in Allah (SWT) way will return

purified as he was at birth. Al-Bukhari.








3. May Allah accept your Hajj and grant you

all of your dua’as Ameen.









4. The reward of Maqbool Hajj is nothing but Jannah!

May Allah accept your Hajj.








5. Ya Allah give us chance to offer Hajj.








6. A journey starts off by seeking for His

forgiveness andculminates with giving out

reprieve to others.







7. Hajj is the message of universal humanity and fraternity.










8. May Allah guide your actions and save you

from wrong doings Ameen. Hajj Mubarak







9. One race, one Allah, One Quran, one religion;

leave for the Hajj for true niyyah and

return like a newborn baby.