1. “Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple”.









2.  “Happy Anniversary Just a little wishes that your

anniversary will be a wonderful and

joyous one”.







3 . “Happy Wedding Anniversary being married is

like being in a battlefield you have to always

prepare yourself for the war. Happy Anniversary though!”.







4 .  “Wishing you a both a very Happy Anniversary may all

your days be filled love, joy and








5 .  “Wishing you stay happy in every way, wishing both

of you stay bless with this way, that is

my only prayer lo the load Happy Anniversary”.







6 .  “Happy Anniversary I wish your

marriage be blessed with lots of love,

happiness and care”.







7 .  “Wishing you many years of happiness

and unconditional love…”.







8 . “You are the light that wakes me in

the morning I am so lucky to have you

and this my best day in life”.







9. “Being in a long marriage like a

nice cup of coffee every morning.

I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.”







10. “May this year prove another one, packed with

love, happiness and fun. Blessings on your

special celebration. Happy wedding anniversary”.